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Sangram, Salman's fun banter!

Salman Khan


New Delhi, Jan. 2 -- Actor Salman Khan's fondness for wrestler Sangram Singh brewed ever since the latter took part in a reality show hosted by the former.

Often Khan would pull Singh's leg over a health jam that Singh was fond of. A source close to Singh now reveals that on Khan's recently-held birthday bash, Singh reportedly gifted him a carton full of that health jam.

Confirming the same, Singh says, "I gifted Salman bhai 6kg of it (health jam), and he was curious as to what I'd opt for him in such a big carton. Later, when he saw what it was, he laughed a lot. I always promote good health. Even at the party, while everyone was drinking, I was having milk, and Kavita (Kaushik; actor) pulled my leg and took a selfie."