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Salman's toughest show?

Salman Khan

New Delhi, Nov. 13 -- After facing much ire from fans for his supposed bias towards reality show Bigg Boss' season 7 contestant Tanishaa Mukherji, actor and the show's host Salman Khan took to Twitter on Sunday to defend himself.

A seemingly upset Salman posted a series of emotional tweets, admitting that sometimes even he doesn't like what he does on the show "Sm times even I don't like wat I do on B B, so don't blame them at all... the guys who r fighting for the host n against don't need to cs (because) the host himself does not quiet like wat he does is right or wrong so chill (sic)," he wrote. "(I) think its the toughest show to do n host specially if u get attached to the show, contestants n channel,its not scripted, sub reality hai (sic),"

Salman wrote, adding that hosting the show is no cakewalk. "Its v complicated dealing vit (with) slf respect, ego's, anger, games, language, lies, drama, nominations, evictions every day it teaches u. i keep on telling them (contestants) wat feed bak I get sm times its upsetting n depresses them but who listens, next min they do wat they want to man (sic)."    

Some ex-contestants have also come out in support of the actor. "Salman must be getting maneuvered by the channel and the production house. It's wrong to blame him," says actor Delnaaz Irani, Season 6 housemate. "I don't think Salman is unfair. Even in our season, if he didn't like something, he would convey it. This time the housemates are   difficult to handle, they are strong-headed," says model Karishma Kotak, another Season 6 contestant.