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Salman: Will see to it that Aamir doesn't get married for the third time


Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are close friends if not best friends, but they keep exchanging friendly jibes. 
First Aamir Khan said that he wants to see Salman Khan married and he can tie Salman’s hands if he has to for the purpose. It was Salman’s turn to give it back to Aamir, and he is not one to hold himself back.
DNA quoted Salman Khan as saying, “Yes, I have read somewhere that Aamir wants to make me get married and is read to tie my hands and feet. I can only retort that I have also decided to tie his hands and feet to see to it that he does not get married a third time in his life.”
Well, that’s a tough one for Aamir who is known for his strong-silent image.
On the work front, Salman Khan is gearing up for the release of Tubelight in which he is starring opposite Chinese actor Zhu Zhu.