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Salman: We are not making a sequel to Kick..

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

That’s what Salman Khan claims! Remember when he said that Jackie was “kicked out of Kick”? Yikes, we thought that was kind of harsh!

Anyway, so Sallu has cleared the air and says: “We are not making a sequel to Kick! How can Jacqueline be a part of something that is not being made? Sajid (Nadiadwalla) and I are doing a film together, but it is not a continuation of Kick, it's a completely different story. As for saying Jacqueline is ‘kicked’ out, I was just jesting.”

Well, the man should get an award just for the way he completely turns around his statements and comments! He’s too good with words! And we’ll only believe that all’s well between Salman and Jackie when we see them together again, on or off screen!