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Salman takes his singing seriously!

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

How many times have we caught ourselves humming or singing the “Hangover” song from the recent film “Kick”?

It is quite a known fact that the song was sung by Salman Khan himself, and probably that’s why the song was such a hit (besides the fact that Salman was doing cute and stylish hip moves in the video).

Well, good news for all you fans! Salman has been taking his singing quite seriously, and you’ll soon be hearing his voice more often! He has been caught humming and signing in this season of Big Boss as well! And a birdie has revealed that he has been recording songs on his mobile phone in his free time. And he sends them to his friends and family, who are supporting him in every way they can!

Well, that proves that if you’ve got a will, you can do anything. We are thrilled!