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Salman suggests changes!

Salman Khan

Mumbai, Feb. 8 -- It's a known fact that Salman Khan had helped Arjun Kapoor to get into shape. Over time, both actors have begun to share a great bond. So much so that Salman, takes keen interest in Arjun's work even today.    

We're told that after his shoot for Gunday, Arjun had met Salman. Arjun kept raving about his next and the exciting role he is playing. He even told Salman that the script of the movie reminded him of the latter's father, Salim Khan's work. After seeing Arjun's excitement, Salman made a special call to the director of the movie, Ali Abaas Zafar. He asked the director to narrate the entire script of the film to him.    

A source reveals, "The next day, Ali went to Khan's house and narrated the script. At one point, Salman even asked his father to join in. The duo was very impressed with the film and they congratulated Ali for his work. It reminded them of movies like Deewaar (1975) and Kala Pathar (1979).

In fact, while listening to the script, Salman even gave Ali a few suggestions."    Ask Ali about this and he says, "We sat together for nearly six hours. Salman said that the script is like Salim-Javed's work and was very happy with it. He also came up with some ideas that we have incorporated in the script. His made some very valid points."