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Salman paid double for this season's Double Trouble in Bigg Boss!

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Oh yes! There’s a lot of doubling happening in Bigg Boss 9. We recently saw the teaser of Bigg Boss’ new season, and it was adorable with all that Double Trouble drama that Salman did.

Well, it’s not just about paired contestants (that’s why the double trouble)… Salman’s paycheck has doubled too!

And that is the reason why he has returned.

As you all know Salman Khan exited the show last year, and wasn’t really up for coming back. Farah Khan had replaced him, and though she was super fun like she always is, she couldn’t match up to Salman’s popularity and TRP.

Thus, the makers wanted bhai back and any cost… Literally.

And so, here is ! He had also posted on his Facebook page: “Bigg Boss 9 is mine”

Haha! What irony that is!