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Salman: Moved by talent!

New Delhi, Jan. 16 -- Watching Delhi's Subhreet Kaur, a physically challenged contestant on India's Got Talent, over the weekend, was touching - not just for the jury, but for viewers across the country. Malaika Arora Khan, a judge on the show, was so touched by Kaur's performance that at a press conference, she said, "When I told my son, Arhaan about Subhreet, he was very moved. He wanted to meet her. I told him that despite her disability, she was one of the most-spirited contestants."    

Ask Malaika if she has been able to take Arhaan to meet Kaur and she says, "Not yet. As a child, he is intrigued and perhaps can't believe that someone can actually perform with a handicap like that and still be so full of life. Hopefully in the near future, my son will get to meet her."    

Malaika's brother-in-law, Salman Khan, also seemed impressed with Kaur and tweeted "Wah yaar. Hats off. Kamaal hai, (sic)." The Bollywood actor has been supportive of talent, which is why on January 11, when he appeared on Nach Baliye, he praised Vinod Thakur (another disabled contestant) and gifted him his famous bracelet.

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