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Salman Khan stumps Sidharth!

Salman Khan


Mumbai, July 2 -- Salman Khan is known to show his witty side, often engaging in lighthearted banter at events and even when tweeting jokes.

And recently, Sidharth Malhotra was witness to this. A couple of days ago, the superstar dropped in at a party hosted by Sidharth to celebrate his latest film's success. At the bash, Salman, while talking to the media, readily praised Sidharth and his film. "He (Sidharth) is very talented, aur suljhe huye hai (and he is sorted). Plus, he isn't from the industry. I don't know why he took so long in entering the industry?" said Salman.

But his witty side came to the fore when the media asked Sidharth about Salman's visit. "I am very thankful that Salman sir has come to my house. I am nobody. He needn't have come here for someone like me. He has a heart of gold.     That's why he is Salman Khan," said Siddharth.

However, Salman interjected in the middle of this interaction, saying, "Main actually yahaan pe Kick ko promote karna ke liye aaya hoon (Actually, I have come here to promote my film, Kick)."

The young actor was at a loss for words for a couple of seconds, before breaking into a smile. But Salman, who said that he had come from Panvel, added that Siddharth is finally getting his due. "When I saw the film's trailer, I really liked it. I'm glad that the movie is doing well. He hadn't got any credit for his first film, but he is receiving praise for this project. That's why I'm extremely happy for him," he said.