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Salman Khan - Sanjay Dutt in a tussle? Is Ranbir responsible?

By Khushboo, News Network

Earlier, we have updated you that the bromance of Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt has almost vanished into thin air.

What has gone wrong with the Salman Khan - Sanjay Dutt friendship? Apparently Ranbir Kapoor is responsible for the conflict.

Salman Khan, anyway, always had disliked Ranbir Kapoor, since Katrina Kaif was in a relationship with the 'Rockstar' actor. Apparently, after the alleged break-up of the love birds, Salman Khan avoided Ranbir Kapoor ever since he came out of his relationship with Katrina.

A reliable source was quoted saying, "Everyone has been wondering why Salman, who was so close to Sanjay Dutt has not even paid the lately incarcerated senior a visit after his prison-release. Salman Khan was even supposed to throw a party on his farm for Dutt but backed off. The reason was Ranbir Kapoor. When Salman heard that Ranbir would be playing Sanjay Dutt in the biopic his blood boiled."

It is also being said that after returning home from his five-year term in Yerwada Jail for his involvement of the Bombay Blast in 1993, everyone from the B-town paid him a visit and welcomed him back to the industry except Salman Khan.

That being the reason, Sanjay's friends say, "Sanju likes Ranbir. Both Sanju and Hirani want Ranbir to play Dutt. And there is nothing that Salman can do about it."

Well! In this case, we can simply say, wait and watch!