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Salman Khan: Eid Mubarak!

Salman Khan


Mumbai, July 29 -- This Eid is a special one for both Salman Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala. Their recently released film, Kick, has done good business over the weekend, and they are hoping that the good run will continue through the festive week.

Revealing his usual Eid routine, Salman says, "I read the namaz in the morning, and then spend time with my family." However, before that, through the month of Ramzan, Salman says he tries "not to wake up late, have negative thoughts, or have problems with family and friends. We try to maximise positivity and minimise negativity. The three big vices - smoking, drinking and eating - are cut down," he says.

But Salman doesn't celebrate just Eid; he enjoys other festivals as well. "This one time, Eid and Diwali coincided. We enjoyed eating sheer khurma during the day, and bursting crackers at night. Once Ganpati and Eid were on the same day. In the morning, we read the namaz and, in the evening, enjoyed bhajans at home. I love festivals. And I wish everybody a very happy Eid," he says.

Sharing his childhood memories of the festival, he adds, "My mom used to keep dry fruit out in the sun. Birds would eat some and we [he and his brothers Arbaaz and Sohail] would eat up the rest."

Now, however, Eid is the one day on which he eats without restrictions, only to have to work out harder later: "I'm allowed to eat everything, but a week after, comes the most miserable time as I have to burn all the calories." Sajid adds that the festival brings with it a lot of happiness all around. "After spending the day with our [respective] families, Salman and I usually meet in the evening," he says.