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Mumbai, May 21 -- Salman Khan has a legion of dedicated fans - from wearing T-shirts that bear his popular charity's name to sporting the signature bracelet spotted regularly on the actor's wrist.

Now, a group of fans is circulating self-created posters of his upcoming film on social media.    

Apparently, Sajid Nadiadwala, the director of the film has been receiving several mails from Salman's fans. "Sajid has been bombarded with umpteen requests to release the poster of the film soon. The fans have become so impatient that they are now making their own versions of the poster and sending them to him," says a source.    

It seems that it's because of this pressure that the director has now decided to advance the date of releasing the official poster. "Sajid was initially planning to come out with it towards the end of next month or July, but because of the excessive demand by the fans, he will now release the first look of the film before mid-June. While he appreciates the love and eagerness of the fans, he wants only the authentic material related to the film in the market," adds the source.    

A similar circulation of fake posters happened with Salman's last film, Jai Ho.