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Salman Khan branches out!

Salman Khan


Mumbai, May 30 -- Looks like Salman Khan is turning into a serial entrepreneur. After opening a clothing store for his non-profit organisation and starting a film production house, the actor has now purchased a plot of land in a plush part of town.    

Sources inform us that Salman has purchased property on Linking Road in Bandra (W), on which he is planning to develop a preview theatre. When contacted, the actor's father, Salim Khan confirms the news. "Yes, we are planning to develop the property and the deal took place a while back. We are planning on making a commercial complex there, with a lot of showrooms and other stores. We also want to have a preview theatre of our own on the premises," he says.

When asked why Salman ventured into real estate at this point, the veteran writer says, "Back in the day, there were many preview theatres, like Ajanta and Dimple (both located in Bandra), which are no longer around. So, if you want to watch a film in Bandra where do you go? The latest one that opened up is in Santacruz."    

The source adds that construction on the land should start by the end of this year or early next year. The 14,000 sqft plot was apparently priced at 120 crore.