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Salman Khan: Be the boss?

Salman Khan


Mumbai, Aug. 8 -- Ever since the last season of the reality show that Salman Khan hosts ended, there has been speculation about his return to the next edition, which will go on air later this year. Recent reports claimed that Salman's return is confirmed, but when we asked the actor to clear the air, he remained mysterious as always.

"I have no idea. I like the format. It (the show) teaches me a lot, but it also takes a lot out of me. I am not too sure," says Salman. Rumour also had it that the actor was unsure about taking up the show due to money issues.

But Salman refutes this claim, saying, "It's not about the money. The problem is that you have to put a lot of time in the show. You have to watch all the episodes daily to find out what happened and why it happened. Then [you have to] analyse it." He also laments the fact that sometimes, while hosting the show, he can't speak his mind. "You have problems with the channel and the contestants. They (the makers) want you to say something that you don't want to. It's a lot of taam jhaam (hassle)," he says.