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Salman Khan: Anything for Aamir!

Salman Khan

Mumbai, Dec. 13 -- When Aamir Khan and Salman Khan say that share a warm relationship, it isn't just talk. And with the former's film, Dhoom:3, up for release next week, the latter is going all out to promote the project. Even if it means that he has to delay the promotions of his own movie.     

Recently, we had reported how Aamir sent his bowler hat to Salman and requested him to wear it at any event in order to promote his film. The Dabangg (2010) star had immediately obliged and had gone on to wear it on his reality show in a rare display of support for another superstar's release.    

However, now we learn that Salman will go a step ahead and continue to promote the film for some more time.    A source close to Salman reveals, "He had spoken about Jai Ho a couple of weeks ago. But lately, he has only been promoting Dhoom:3 and will continue to do so till this weekend. He will begin his own film's promotions next week. Salman is very kicked about Aamir's film, so he has been promoting it without thinking twice."    

So even though Jai Ho's digital poster was unveiled a few days ago, the star chose to maintain a low profile and keep the focus on Aamir's film. However, next week on, the actor will focus entirely on Jai Ho. When contacted, a spokesperson for the film confirms the news and says, "Salman will extensively promote the project on the reality show from next week."