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Salman just BURNED Juhi Chawla on Bigg Boss!

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Salman Khan is known for his bold and crazy comments. But this time, we feel he took it a little too far…

As you may know, Juhi is making a come back with her film Chalk N Duster. She had visited the sets of Bigg Boss to promote her film, where she interacted with Sallu. While in conversation, she happened to mention that she is the only actress of his generation who hasn’t ever worked with him… To which Salman replied that he had recommended her name for a film many years ago, but Juhi refused and instead recommended Aamir Khan’s name…

Well, Juhi said that they could work together now, and Salman said that she could play his mother now!!!

According to me, this is a sad example of gender inequality in the Bollywood industry. While the actors can play, and are still playing the lead heroes, the same generation actresses are now either doing advertisements, or playing side roles.

Not cool, bhai. Not cool.