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Salman isn't hired by his family: Arbaaz Khan

Salman Khan


Mumbai, Feb. 10 -- Bollywood star Salman Khan's dates are not easily available for anyone. Even his younger brother, Arbaaz Khan, admits to having waited for years before getting the actor's dates. Nonetheless, once you have his dates, Arbaaz - who produced the hit film, Dabangg (2010), and directed Dabangg 2 (2012) with Salman - says his older brother is easy to work with.

"With him, you need to wait for one or two years to see if he is available. But once he comes on board, it's obviously easy to work with him. We connect well and know what the other one wants. It is not like you don't go through your share of arguments, but you work around them," says Arbaaz.

The actor-film-maker says that he finds it strange when people expect him to cast Salman in all his productions. "It is so stupid. Just because he is my brother does not mean that he has to be in every film of mine. It is not like he is hired by his family," he says, adding that the intention is also to "not waste or misuse him" in films that deal with subjects that don't require him. "I don't want to tell him ki bhai ek scene ke liye aa jao (brother, can you please come and shoot one scene for me)," says Arbaaz.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old, who recently produced a Sonam Kapoor-starrer, is now on the lookout for other interesting subjects. Talking about how he selects scripts to produce, he says, "The audience has to find something fresh and new in the films we give them. There has to be something interesting in the subject. The characterisations have to work, and once the viewer connects with the characters, then the film will also work."