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Salman to host Eid party..

Salman Khan


Mumbai, July 28 -- Every year, on the occasion of Eid, Salman Khan steps out of his Bandra home to wave to the sea of fans waiting outside. But this year, the actor has decided to celebrate the festival in a more elaborate fashion.

He will be throwing a party at his home on Tuesday, and it is expected to be attended by his friends from the industry. A source close to the actor reveals, "Salman is keen on celebrating Eid in a grand manner. This time, the festival is extra special for him because of the success of his recently released film, Kick. Also, he's had an Eid release after two years."

The insider adds, "Everyone has been calling Salman to congratulate him, and they're demanding a treat too. That's why, on an impulse, he decided to throw a party for everyone. Also, it has been quite a while since he hosted a party at his home. We are expecting some of his closest pals to come."

Salman is known for his enthusiasm when it comes to celebrating festivals. Apart from Eid, he also celebrates Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi with equal zest with his friends and family.