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Salman gifts an ambulance!

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Day by day Salman Khan proves his NGO Being Human is more and more real. The big hearted star, as that’s how he’s known now, is gifting an ambulance to Film City, for anyone who is in need of it!

We often forget that the sets don’t only have the actors and directors. There are also a large number of workers which facilitate the entire shoot. And Salman is very well aware of their importance and taking care of them.

There was a time, when Salman Khan just started Being Human, people laughed at him and his social service attempt. He had just gotten out of cases like drinking and driving and killing someone in the process. So, when Being Human was created, people found it quite ironic and unreal. But it really looks like the tables have turned and Salman is definitely one of the most loved men of Bollywood, by women and men!