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Salim-Salman team up for Karan!

Salman Khan

Mumbai, Nov. 21 -- For some time now, reports have been claiming that Salman Khan will mark the beginning of the next season of film-maker Karan Johar's chat show. Now, we can confirm the same and, quite interestingly, also reveal that he will be accompanied by his father, Salim Khan, on the episode.    

"Salman has never been on my show. So it's the first time that he will make an appearance.    And yes, he'll be in the opening episode," says Karan, adding that he has a special segment planned for them. "Salman's father - who is an extremely well-spoken, intelligent and perceptive man - has agreed to appear on the episode with his son. For us, it's a real privilege.    You have never seen a combined interview of the father and the son ever before, so it's definitely a first," adds Karan.    

Even as Salman gets ready to appear on the show, the industry has been abuzz with news about Karan's newfound closeness to the actor of late. But the director rubbishes these rumours: "It's absolutely ridiculous. Everyone knows that I am friendly with a lot of people in the industry."

He goes on to add that even his late father, Yash Johar, shared a great bond with Salman's father. "I have also had a great equation with Salim saab, his family and also Salman. My mother too is very close to Salma aunty (Salman's mother)," adds Karan.