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Prof Salman gives a lecture!

Mumbai, April 20 -- Actor Salman Khan is known for going out of his way for his friends. The latest we've heard is that he recently delivered lectures at the acting school run by his good friend, veteran film-maker, Subhash Ghai.

"He took a couple of acting classes. He spoke about the difference between an actor and a star. He spoke very well," says Ghai.  The filmmaker adds that whenever Salman comes to Filmcity, he makes it a point to visit the campus.

He says, "The students just love him. Apart from chatting with them, sometimes, he even goes to the gym and works out with them for a while."    

Ghai has always claimed that Salman is like family to him. Last year, the film-maker also gave the rights to his 1983 film, Hero, to the actor for a remake.

Reports also suggest that the two are set to team up again, too, after Yuvvraaj (2008). But since the actor is busy with other films, the project will take time to go on the floors. "We often discuss our projects and share our thoughts on various issues," says Ghai.

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