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OMG: Salman Khan to play a dwarf in his next?

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

No kidding! The handsome Salman is going to cut down some extra feet for Director Aanad L Rai’s next untitled film!

There were rumours that Salman walked out of his film, but Aanand claims: “The project was never shelved. Bhai is a busy man. We haven’t yet locked his dates. But he has heard the story and he liked it. He has okayed it.”

He also confirms: “Salman will be playing a dwarf in the film. I come from a remote area. I was born in a middle-class family. My parents were school teachers. So that element of small town has played an important role in my films. My film with Salman too, will be from the heartland of India.”

“I think Salman will play the desi boy really well. People connect to him that way. I am going to meet him soon with a concrete plan but I am not sure if this will be my next film, as Salman is shooting back-to-back. I will start with the scripting in about a month or so. Then, we will see when he can give dates. Right now, we have just discussed it. The script needs to be finalised, dates have to be locked. So I can only talk about it in detail two months from now. But this film will happen.”

Wow! We cannot wait what lies in store for this film!