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Now Salman has problems with shutterbugs!

Salman Khan


Mumbai, July 15 -- Over the last two weeks, reports have cropped up about issues between photographers and Bollywood celebrities.

After an altercation with Shraddha Kapoor, the shutterbugs decided not to click her pictures at all. Now, they seem to have encountered problems with Salman Khan. While newcomer Shraddha apologised to the fraternity, veteran actor Salman had no qualms and asked the shutterbugs to stick to their stand.

On July 14, Salman tweeted: "the photographers r gonna loose out on wrk, but hv still taken a decision not to take my pics... I wld hv immense respect for them if they keep this stand (sic)."

The incident took place at a suburban nightclub on the weekend. But photographers say their problem isn't with Salman but with his guards. On the condition of anonymity, a photographer says, "We never said we will make Salman apologise. The issue is with his security - in fact, any actor's security. They stand close to the stars, and are visible in every frame."

He reveals that "on the day of the event, it was raining and the photographers were standing close to the exit. When Salman stepped out and was asked to pose, his security and the club's bouncers jumped in, which led to a fight".

Another lensman adds, "We filed a complaint at the Bandra Police Station against Salman's guards and the club bouncers. The club manager was called in too." We're told the matter has now reached the Bombay News Photographers Association.