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Kiara Advani: 'I know Salman sir through my parents'

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Mumbai, April 9 -- For newcomers looking to enter Bollywood, having a connection with Salman Khan - no matter how distant or obscure - seems to work as a major advantage.

The latest person to be reaping the benefits of this 'Salman connection' is actor Kiara Advani.    

Recently, a report claimed that Salman helped Kiara get her big break as she is his alleged model-girlfriend Shaheen Jaffrey's niece.    

However, when contacted, the young debutante reveals that her aunt (mother's sister) has nothing to do with her launch. "I know Salman sir through my mother and father. They helped me get in touch with him, as they have all grown up together," says Kiara.

"When I decided to become an actor, my father told Salman sir, 'If you are in the industry then I don't mind my daughter being part of it. Let her try and see where it takes her'," she says, adding that even Salman was very encouraging and told her that when she was "prepared, it (debut) will happen".    

At the same time, Kiara maintains that she also holds her debut film's producer, Akshay Kumar, in high regard. "For me, this film is more than a dream launch as I am getting Akshay sir's backing too. They have created a huge platform for me," she says.    

Meanwhile, the actor is looking forward to screening the film, which is directed by Kabir Sadanand, for Anupam Kher at his acting institute. "I have attended his school, so in a couple of days, I want to go back to the institute and show it to him.    Let's see what he has to say," she adds.