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Jobless? Salman Khan could give you a job!

Salman Khan


Bollywood actor Salman Khan is here to help his fans out. In a tweet on Wednesday, Salman said that he could lend a helping hand to all his fans who need a job.

Salman wrote, "Appna Face book is not jst for time pass, use it to find work.  #Beinghumanjobs. Kaam ki cheez."

The link takes you to another portal where various jobs for companies like PVR, Venkys, Mandhana and Suzuki are listed.

Interestingly, the site crashed the moment Salman Khan shared the link on his Twitter account. The tweet set the fan-craze ablaze as his followers assumed it was about jobs with the Being Human crusader.

However, Salman soon clarified, "Oh hello! Jobs mere saath ya mere pass nahi hai, aglag aglag company's k saath hain who I hv worked vit ya jst friends helping out u n me."

So all you guys seeking out jobs, stop worrying, Salman bhai is out to help you!