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Jai Ho Salman Khan: the star shoots from the lip!

Salman Khan

In the run-up to Jai Ho's release, Salman Khan was on fire. Quotable quotes just kept on coming along with that impish grin Salman is justly renowned for. When he was not knocking us out with his verbal volleys, he was hugging Shah Rukh Khan and flying kites with chief ministers or performing for them. Now that Jai Ho's release is just a day away, we bring you the five best quotes of Dabangg Khan from the past few weeks.

Salman says: I am a virgin and I am saving myself for my future wife.

Salman Khan said that with a straight face in the first episode of Koffee with Karan's latest season. Not just Karan Johar, the audience was also left gasping for breath. And then, we all laughed out loud. However, some didn't get the drift so Karan Johar had to later clarify that Salman was kidding.

Salman says: This good man (Narendra Modi) is standing before me… God should decide who is the best man for the country and the best man should be the PM.

As far as tight ropewalk in politics goes, Salman Khan aced it. Despite sharing Undhiyo lunch and flying kites with Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, he refused to endorse him. He praised the progress in Gujarat but said Modi will get what is his destiny.

Salman says: We should re-launch Deepika Padukone.

Oops, that might have hurt a certain King Khan. This is what Salman said when Deepika said she was looking forward to working with him. Deepika made her debut in Om Shanti Om, opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

Salman says: Questions about Muzaffarnagar victims should be posed to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and not the film stars who performed at Saifai.

The Dabangg star was among those who performed at Saifai and got slammed for performing for Samajwadi Party leaders as Muzaffarnagar riot victims suffered in camps less than 300 km away.

Salman says: It is said that the most favourite film of the actor hasn't worked, so that fear is also there. So far it's not happened with me, but there will be a time that it will happen. I hope this doesn't happen with me with this film, because I really like it.

Inshallah to that, Sallu!