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I don’t tolerate tantrums: Salman Khan

Salman Khan


It’s no secret that Bollywood heroines like to throw their weight around. And almost all the male actors have experienced it first-hand. But superstar Salman Khan says he has stayed away from such co-stars.

“Jacqueline (Fernandes; his new co-star) is a very simple girl. With her, there are no complications or tantrums, which other heroines generally come with. Anyway, I have never worked with girls who throw tantrums,” said Salman, at the trailer launch of Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut, that will see him working with Jackie.

Interestingly, Salman also knows a thing or two about tantrums. “In fact, I myself have so many of them (tantrums). How can you throw more tantrums? If I throw more tantrums, producers will throw me out of the film (laughs)! But yes, Jacqueline is a very sorted person. God bless her!” he said, adding, “She does good work, and that too, completely effortlessly. She is a very hard-working girl.”

Clearly, Salman is very impressed with the ex-Sri Lankan beauty queen. “There is one actress whom I love and respect a lot and that is Zeenat Aman. And, I, very strongly feel that Jacqueline is the one who will reach that kind of stardom,” said Salman, and also went on to call her ‘Jacqueline Aman Fernandes’. He also spoke about how Jacqueline’s Hindi has improved over time.

At the same event, when Salman was asked by a reporter to comment on his friend and former co-star Preity Zinta filing a case against industrialist Ness Wadia, he simply refused to answer: “You are at the wrong place. (And) you are asking the wrong question. There’s no answer to this query right now and neither do I have any right to give an answer (to it),” the 48-year-old said. The reporter kept insisting, upon which Salman asked for the mic to be taken away from her.