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HBD Salman: How he bagged his first film!


Mumbai, Dec. 27 -- It goes without saying that he is a force to reckon with when it comes to box-office exploits. 
But around late 1980s, when Salman Khan was starting out, his film prowess wasn't as vigorous. In fact, acting wasn't even on his mind. As reported by HT Cafe earlier, he had started off with a dream to become a writer director but was suggested that he try his hand at acting. 
"Once I understood what I was being told, I decided to give acting a shot, and the process went on for six-eight months. In fact, I went to the same people who had asked me to become an actor. But then, I understood that they had asked me to become an actor only to evade me (laughs). So, at that point, I had a strong feeling that things won't work out - neither as a writer director nor an actor," he says. Then, one day, a younger Salman "randomly decided" to meet film-maker JK Bihari, who went on to cast him in the actor's debut film, Biwi Ho To Aisi (BHTA; 1988). "I don't know why I did that. At that time, one would randomly come to know about who is making what film. There used to be a telephone diary, which would have the numbers of all the people from the film industry. And that's how I would call up people [for work]," says the superstar. 
When Salman made a call to Bihari, he "wasn't able to find an actor for the part of the younger brother in BHTA (late Farooq Sheikh had played his elder brother)". "Bihari saab wanted a star to play that part but everyone had refused the role. So, he was quite hassled. So much so that one day, he told his office staff, 'Now, I will sign whichever idiot comes in for the part and that's when I entered his office (laughs),'" he says. 
Clearly, Salman has come a long way from those days but is he happy with the way his life has turned out? "Honestly, I don't know if what I am doing is wrong or right. Also, I've no idea about the life ahead but till date, whatever has happened is great. Moneywise, things are fine but we aren't even close to one or one-and-ahalf per cent amount of money that other people make," says the superstar. 
What stands out clearly for Salman is people's "affection and warmth towards him". He explains: "If I go to a restaurant and tell them, 'Give me food but I don't have money', would they ask me for money? If I stand on the road and ask an auto-rickshaw or taxi driver to drop me home, would they charge me the fare? Or if I go to someone's house and tell them that I want to use their toilet, I don't think anyone will throw me out. That's my real fortune." 
Be it his own life or his family members, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) actor is content with his choices. "I strongly believe that before we are born, God gives us choices - to take one route or the other. At that time, we choose our destinies," says Salman, adding that "sometimes, your family may need things" from you. He adds: "But it hasn't been the case with mine."