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Guess who's back in town: Arpita Khan!

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Arpita Khan has come to pay a visit to her brother Salman. And it’s not just her who’s excited to meet Sallu, but her new hubby Aayush Sharma, and mom Salma Khan have also joined her. The three were spotted on the airport in Jaipur early morning yesterday.

Salman is shooting at Mandawa village, which is near Jaipur, for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Arpita will be spending 2 days with her big brother. Looks like Arpita couldn’t wait to meet her bhaijaan for the first time after her wedding! Meanwhile, she has plans with hubby to visit a few places near Jaipur in these two days! What a perfect plan!

We love this small, wonderful family, which has come together in the pink city! If this isn’t love, then what is?