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Bhaijaanz - A restaurant opened by Salman fans!

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Can you believe it? Sallu’s fanbase is absolutely insane! There’s no stopping to the craze of Salman Khan, more popularly known as bhai or bhaijaan, amongst his fans.

Love for him has spread to business ideas! That’s right! A group of  five entrepreneurs, and die-hard fans of Salman Khan, have opened up a Salman Khan themed café/restaurant in Bandra!

Isn’t this a great way to have all his fans come together under one roof and enjoy some Dabangg meals? Also, it just might draw Salman to the café as well!

The team of 5 are chef Tabrez Shaikh, Zafar Sayed Yusuf, Suhail Siddique, Kursheed Khan and Rahul Kanal

From Salman dialogues to Salman posters (yes, even that one which makes Salman look like Hulk), the café has a complete Salman-loving ambience. In fact, there is even a table created with blue stone bracelets, something that Salman Khan wears at all times, and Salman’s balcony!

But what we loved the most is the quirky and fascinating menu! The dishes are also famous Salman dialogues and attributes. For example, there is a dish called he Mutton Dolle Sholle Kebab! Isn’t that absolutely awesome? And it’s not even costly!

Now, these are enough reasosn to go and visit the café, which opened yesterday, don’t you think? Go ahead and treat yourself with some Salman Khan!