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Arpita: The one common love between Salman and SRK

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

It is not news that Arpita is about to marry Delhi-based Aayush Sharma. Now, being a B-Town star’s sister definitely has its perks.  We had earlier informed that her wedding list is celebrity-occupied and one of them is Shahrukh Khan! But there is more

The two Khans clearly have their own teams in Bollywood, and no members dare to cross that line. But when it comes to Sallu’s sister Arpita Khan, Shahrukh feels no hesitation or awkwardness to show love and affection!

 “I will definitely go,” he says, “I have known Arpita ever since she was a little baby. I have cradled her in my arms. She is like a sister to me. In fact, even an invite is not needed. They are like family and I will go.” Now these are pleasant, lovely words by SRK and we are excited about the new friendship between the Khans.

This lovely picture, where you can see both the Khans kissing and hugging bride-to-be Arpita gives hope of rekindling relationships that were broken long time ago. The picture is trending everywhere online! Clearly, a huge step by both Khans.