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Alia? Nah, Kiara, says Salman

Salman Khan


Mumbai, June 2 -- Bollywood already has one actor called Alia (Bhatt). And if it wasn't for Salman Khan, the industry would have had another one by the same name. Not many know that newbie Kiara Advani, who is set to make her big screen debut soon, was renamed by Salman Khan.    

The young star's original name is Alia Advani, but when Salman (who knows Kiara's mother well) found out that she was entering the industry, he decided to give her a new name, especially since Alia Bhatt is already an established actor in the same age-group.    

"Actually, Salman sir and Ashvini (Yardi; co-producer) came up with the    Kiara Advani name together. I also liked it instantly," says Kiara, adding, "More than anything else, I feel it has been done for the audience's convenience, so that they can differentiate between the two actors. So, from now on, I will officially be known as Kiara, and not Alia. I am happy with Salman sir's suggestion."    

Ask Kiara if she has had a chance to discuss this name change with Alia Bhatt, and she says, "I met her some time back and we had a good laugh about it."