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Sajid Nadiadwala: 'I was willing to be anything'

Sajid Nadiadwala

Mumbai, Feb. 18 -- Over the years, producer Sajid Nadiadwala and director Imtiaz Ali have made a mark in Bollywood, in their respective fields.

Now, for the first time, they are coming together for the film, Highway, which stars Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt in the lead. While Imtiaz is directing and producing the film, Sajid came on board as a presenter as he was extremely keen to be part of the project. We catch them during an informal chat.

IMTIAZ ALI: I had a certain confidence (in Sajid's work). The kind of films he's done in the past, like Ghulami (1985) - one of my favourite films - are the kind of movies I'm making. That is what I think has interested him in Highway.

SAJID NADIADWALA: Actually, we were discussing the film here (in Sajid's office), and I thought I should be part of it. I was willing to be on this wagon as anything, and the only slot open was of the presenter. Now, even my wife is happy that I'm working with Imtiaz.

IMTIAZ: I'm a director and he's (Sajid) a producer; the influence we had on each other is that now I've turned producer and he's turned director. I'm taking guidance from him.

SAJID: The best thing about Imtiaz is that I get ideas from him free of cost... I've discussed scenes with him from a film he's not even associated with. I've been a producer for 25 years, but as director, I'm a newcomer.

SAJID: The most important thing for me was to be part of the journey. I never comment on how the film is, but I'd say I'm happy with the outcome.

IMTIAZ: I too can't judge my films. But we've put in a lot of energy and passion into it.