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Saif kids around on the sets of his film

Saif Ali Khan

Mumbai, Nov. 7 -- Saif Ali Khan, who was shooting for Bullett Raja in Lucknow, was in for a surprise. A group of children from a local NGO dropped in on the sets of the film when they heard that the actor was in their area.     

A source present at the time on the sets reveals, "As soon as the news spread that Saif was shooting in the vicinity, a group of workers from World Vision India, an NGO working for the slum children, came to pay a visit to Saif with a few kids that they support."    

The actor took time out from the shoot and interacted with them. "Saif had a great time with the kids. Not only did he sign autographs for them, he also chatted with them about things, like what they wanted to be when they grew up." According to the insider, Saif also pledged his support to the NGO for a campaign in support of kids.     

Ask Saif about this and he says, "It was amazing to spend time with the little wonders there. They have a lot of honesty and clarity in their eyes." The actor adds, "If every rich person looked after and contributed a little percentage of his or her income towards charity, our country will be a better place to live in."