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Saif Ali Khan: 'There shouldn't be any pressure'

Saif Ali Khan

Mumbai, Nov. 25 -- He is the grandson of one of India's greatest cricket captains, late Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi. He is also the great-grandson of another player, Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, who captained the Indian team post-1947. So it hardly comes as a surprise that Saif Ali Khan's son, Ibrahim, has now developed a keen interest in cricket.    

The 12-year-old is currently representing his school at the on-going Giles Shield inter-school cricket tournament in the city. And his actor-father is clearly elated. "I'm happy that he's taking an interest. Right now, he is just enjoying the game.    There shouldn't be any kind of pressure. No one should even think of comparing him to his grandfather or great-grandfather. It would be really unfair," says Saif, who has never regretted not pursuing a cricket career himself. "If Ibrahim is interested, I'll support him in whatever way I can. My parents never pressurised me to do anything. So there's no question of me doing anything like that. Becoming a cricketer is something that will depend on him. He can become whatever he wants," he adds.    


Days before its release, Saif Ali Khan's Bullett Raja has hit a roadblock. In a petition filed in a Bhubaneshwar court, Nalini Acharya, the mother of Raja Acharya (who is in jail after being convicted for the murder of judo coach Biranchi Das) has reportedly requested the court to stop the film's release. The petitioner also wants the makers to cough up '7 crore for the damage caused to her family's reputation, as she feels the film is based on the controversial life of her son.    

She has named Saif, too, as one of the accused. Reacting to this, the actor says, "Our film is not a biopic. It's not based on any one person. It's ridiculous... I can confidently state that it isn't inspired by any real-life person (sic)." The petition's hearing is expected to take place today (November 25).