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Saif Ali Khan: 'All at the wrong end of the stick'

Saif Ali Khan


New Delhi, Oct. 28 -- It's rare to catch Saif Ali Khan in a chatty mood. But in this interview, the actor opens up about making some wrong choices, his career plans and a recent controversy around the Pataudi Palace (the actor and mother Sharmila Tagore were served a notice for allegedly hosting a party with loud music and firecrackers on October 17, thereby violating the Model Code Of Conduct that was enforced for the Haryana Elections).

What's with the controversy?

We weren't even in the palace on the night of October 17; I don't know whether that's funny or sad. Also, we're not people who play shaadi music on loudspeakers. We listen to jazz on the iPod. There were eight people there. And the Election Commission code of conduct does not apply to individuals. It applies to political parties. So, I think everybody is at the wrong end of the stick. Everybody is happy with the little handout that's given with information on stars, but the real news, you never even get to hear about it. What makes the headlines is my bloody music in Pataudi. It's ridiculous that I end up getting a bad name for playing music on my anniversary and it's made to sound like we're spoilt.

How are your productions so different from the films you act in? Whether it was Love Aaj Kal (2009) or Cocktail (2012), both were relatable.

I don't think Cocktail was a great movie. I feel the hero was confused. We could've done a much better job. I don't think people liked the second half much. It's a hit, but it's not something to get excited about because it's flawed. I guess the issue is that I personally prefer watching American TV and films. I don't know why I don't watch too many Hindi films ... I guess I escape from work when I'm not working.

You got a lot of flak for your statements about Humshakals.

I gave the film my 100% while shooting and promoting it, but I felt a little disappointed with the result and realised that it was a mistake, just like Agent Vinod (2012). I was trying to be something that wasn't coming naturally to me. It's not that I disowned the film. People who don't turn up for the publicity of a film are disowning it. But I'm entitled to my opinion after working hard on it.

What kind of films do you want to do now?

I've been watching some of my films like Parineeta (2005), Omkara (2006), Being Cyrus (2005), and I think I want to go back to doing stuff like that. Maybe we need to discover some more books, and get the rights to some Tagore short stories or something a little more in touch with my Bengali side. I am ready to take risks, experiment and be stunned by a particular script.