Rohit Shetty
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Rohit wants to make sweet, emotional films!

Rohit Shetty

New Delhi, Feb. 5 -- Director Rohit Shetty talks about his love for action-packed comedy films, his wish to try other genres too, his fears and much more.  

You are known for making action-comedy films. Any plans to experiment with other genres too?    

Yes, I would love to. It has become very difficult as there is a tag attached to me. People might get disappointed if I make serious cinema, even if it's a good film. Once you become a brand, it has its pros and cons and I feel that is a problem. I want to make a small, sweet and emotional film, but I get scared. One's image can be very binding in this industry.    

What's the status of your Marathi production?  

I am making that with a friend. That should happen very soon. Right now, I have a TV show to host and Singham 2, so it should start perhaps by this year's end or the next year.    

We have heard that you attended classes to improve your diction for the show?  

They weren't diction classes, but rehearsal sessions. I did Comedy Circus earlier, but that was different than this show. We did mock rehearsals as it isn't easy for me to be natural in front of the camera.    

What is happening with the remake of Angoor that was reportedly planned with Shah Rukh Khan?    

We have written the script of the film's remake, but it will not happen for the next three-four years.