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Rohit Shetty may turn Singham into franchise

Rohit Shetty


Director Rohit Shetty says if the sequel of his hit film Singham does well at the box office, he might think of turning the brand into a franchise. The film releases on August 15.

"We were scared because after making comedy films like Golmaal series, All the Best and others I was switching my genre to action again. I did not know whether it will do well or not. I never thought a day will come when we will make a sequel to it," said Rohit.

"It depends how the sequel turns out as that is important for us. If people like it and if we get a good subject then why not. But at present there are no plans about turning it into a franchise. It is too early to talk about it," he said.

Considering the first part was a huge hit, there were certain challenges for Rohit while making the sequel.

"We had to make sure we were not repetitive. There were lot of films that released after Singham which had same kind of action, everyone was flying around, so the challenge was what new things we do. I never take pressure for my films. I try to work harder," Rohit said.

The film saw superstar Ajay Devgn playing the role of an honest police officer Bajirao Singham. The sequel, releasing next month, will see Ajay reprising his role.

"The film is based in Mumbai and Ajay is playing the role of a DCP this time. Earlier, the film was based in Goa and Ajay was playing ACP," Rohit said.