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Riya Sen: 'There's no rivalry between me and Raima'

Riya Sen

New Delhi, April 4 -- Bollywood actor Riya Sen will be soon be sharing screen space with her mom, veteran actor Moon Moon Sen, and her sister, actor Raima Sen.

And Riya is quite looking forward to it, not only because she's finally getting to work with her mom, but also because she has a great relationship with her sister.    

"People ask me if we have sibling rivalry, and I find that question strange. The only thing I have with Raima is a great relationship. We fall back on each other when needed. In fact, when she comes to Mumbai, I give her my hair and makeup person, and when I am doing a Bengali film, she is the one who helps me with her makeup and hair person," says Riya, whose official name is Riya Dev Varma.

Talking about how she became Riya Sen, she says, "People assumed me to be a Sen, because my mom was popular in the industry. Before I could tell them my real name, it was already too late. However, my official name is stil Riya Dev Varma."    

Contrary to the reports that her father, Bharat Dev Varma, was against the two sisters getting into the glam business, it was he who encouraged them to join the industry. "It was actually my father who was really happy for me when I got offers from the industry," she says.