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Riteish: Want to do marathi film with Genelia'

Riteish Deshmukh


Mumbai, July 2 -- Riteish Deshmukh is celebrating the success of his back-to-back hits. While in one film he stuck to his tried-and-tested genre of comedy, in the other, he experimented with a negative role. And as he gears up for his Marathi acting debut, he talks about his wife Genelia Deshmukh's possible comeback, how he is looking forward to becoming a father and his upcoming projects.    

Is Genelia likely to make a comeback?    I hope so. I'd love to get her back to the big screen with a good film. I actually want to do a Marathi film with her. She's done films in five languages, and she speaks Marathi at home. So, she's very good with the language. And she looks the part also now (laughs).    

Do you think playing a negative role has proven to be a game changer for you?    It's definitely an image changer. There has been amazing response as people didn't expect me to do this. I thought, I was the wrong choice [for the role]. Not because of what I think I'm capable of, but because of the audience's perception of me. I thought, "Here's a chance to do something different. Let's go out there and break everything that people thought I stood for."    

Are you looking forward to becoming a father?    We are absolutely excited about this new phase in our lives. Every parent around me says that everything is about to change - so we're looking forward to that.    

You recently said that you're going to avoid doing comedies. Is that still the plan?    I feel the genre has a lot of scope. There are various things you can do within a comedy film - slapstick, physical, dry humour. We [as an industry] want to cater to so many people that we mix everything. So if the movie is [in] a similar zone, then it's not as exciting. I'm doing a film that is a satire on terrorism and religion. Now that's a good script... it's well-written, it's exciting and it's a comedy. Because I've done so much work in this genre, it needs to excite me now.    

What other genres would you like to explore?    Drama is something that we rarely see now. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) was a drama. Earlier, we had courtroom dramas, family dramas, etc. but lately, there haven't been many. I'd love to be in one.    

You're already producing Marathi movies. Do you plan on venturing into Hindi film production?    Yes, for sure. But I haven't thought of a subject as yet. If it is a film like [my last production] Yellow, it will be slightly more commercial. At the same time, it will keep the essence of the story intact.    

You've delivered two hits this year already. How does it feel?    There was time when I had five flops in a row, then seven successful ones and now these two. I'm happy to be part of films that have done consistent business at the box-office.