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Decision to screen Marathi films in primetime slot gets support

Riteish Deshmukh

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Banning the AIB knockout has driven a lot of people, including actors, who have used social media for their outburst. Then it was the beef ban that created a riot on social media. Then followed the banning of the documentary India’s Daughter that again faced a lot of lashing. And now, it is the Maharashtra government’s decision to screen at least one Marathi film in the 6-9 pm prime time slot!

People are losing it, asking the government how far they’re going to take this… They’re being told how to speak, what to laugh at, what to take offense at, what to eat, and definitely what to watch!

So, is everyone against this decision? No, not all Bollywood celebs! Here’s what a few of them who are completely in support of this decision have to say?

Of course, Riteish Deshmukh is extremely glad, being a Bollywood as well as a Marathi actor. He says: “Cinema in every language should survive. I strongly believe every type of cinema should be protected, rather cultivated better. It’s not a fight between Hindi and Marathi cinema. We live in one country.”

Rishi Kapoor, better known as Bollywood’s charming Chintoo, tweets: “All kinds of cinema whichever language welcome providing content good. See what an English/Hindi film F&F7 is doing! Cinema has no language. Today theatre rentals so high difficult for weak films to survive irrespective of language. Case in point F&F7. Open field, anyone welcome. Ritesh Deshmukhs film in Marathi was a super hit. So were others. So welcome all. We are all equal here in cinema. May the best win!”

Anurag Kashyap , who always comes up with something more real rather than glamorous Bollywood stories and is yet recognized as one of the finest Bollywood filmmakers, believes that this decision is “Fine, even good for Marathi films.”

We think it’s a great way of the great Marathi cinema to come forth and enjoy the same glory that Bollywood films do. Why the discrimination? Regional cinema holds a lot of culture and art, and shouldn’t be side-lined.
Says National Award winning Marathi filmmaker Ravi Jadhav: “On an average, at least two films release every week but they get lost in morning shows. With prime-time visibility guaranteed, Marathi filmmakers will be motivated to make better cinema. Our films have always been family friendly and now we are finally getting our due.”

Hurray! We are looking forward to enjoying a choice to watch Marathi movies at the best times of the day (or now night)!