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Sanjay Chhel: 'Rishi Kapoor is like a child'

New Delhi, April 26 -- Everyone in the film industry knows that Rishi Kapoor doesn't work at nights. This clause, often made clear to the makers at the signing stage, is non-negotiable. So when the actor gladly continued shooting for a film post his stipulated deadline (around 7pm), the director was left a bit shocked.

"He believes in the character, and it made him work till late," says Sanjay Chhel (inset), who is directing Kapoor in a currently untitled film. He adds, "Rishiji is like a child. If he enjoys the work, then he stretches his hours. When he gets bored, he tends to leave by 7pm. One day, he even worked as late as 11pm."    

This film is a quirky comedy. Although Chhel says nothing about the film, he does talk about Kapoor's character: "He is a happy-go-lucky kind of person, and he has a typical way of speaking."    

Speaking about the title, he adds, "We have shortlisted a few options, we will conduct a poll and decide."

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