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Rishi Kapoor: Won't drink on my producer's money..

Rishi Kapoor


New Delhi, June 19 -- Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor seems to have impressed his producers not only with his acting, but with his behaviour as well

While shooting for his upcoming film, he and his producer Shashi Ranjan decided to go out for a drink, however Rishi refused to let him pay.

"Being the producer, naturally when the bill came, Ranjan picked up the tab. However, Rishi immediately objected. He insisted that he pay the entire bill," says as source.

Ranjan, who was surprised, said that he was amazed by Kapoor's gesture. "Chintu, who insisted on paying his own bill said, 'we Kapoors never drink producers' scotch. We always pay for our drinks and never use producers' money for it.' I was naturally surprised, because a producer is assumed to be paying for everything for a star while on a shoot schedule, but Chintu never ceases to amaze me," says Ranjan adding, "No wonder the Kapoors are known for their large-heartedness! He's a dream to work with.