Rishi Kapoor
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Rishi Kapoor has got his sense of humour back!

Rishi Kapoor

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

You have to check out what the charming actor posted on social media, and it will totally make you laugh!

He put up this grumpy cat’s picture and tweeted: “Another thing. I am Not and repeat NOT Ranbirs Post Box that you can drop messages or post them. Thank you, I remain yours truly-Rishi Kapoor.”

Jr RK has refused to be part of the social media wave, has been avoiding the media, and has even told his parents to not reveal any information about him!

The result? People are even more curious, and are using his very on social media parents, Rishi and Neetu, for all the Ranbir questions. The couple has been bombarded by Ranbir messages and questions, to an extent that Rishi Kapoor had to put this up.

Well, we do think that it’s a great feeling for a father to be known by his son. And we thought it’s difficult for sons to live up to their father’s popularity and image…. Way to go, Kapoors!