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Rishi Kapoor and Ajaz Khan lock horns on Twitter!

Rishi Kapoor


New Delhi, May 9 -- What started as tweets in support of Salman Khan ended up as a big Twitter fight between veteran actor Rishi Kapoor and actor Ajaz Khan.

The latter's tweet supporting Salman landed him in a news show Wednesday night, to which Kapoor reacted by tweeting: "... only wannabe chamchas of Salman siding him with ridiculous support. Hum bhi well wishers hain but give logical explanations," posted Kapoor.

"@chintskap sir sorry but this is khan's b**ls, you will require not less then a year to cut one and I am not salman's chamcha I love him (sic)," Ajaz responded.

Later, Kapoor tweeted, "Too much negativity, abusive language and disregard for seniors. Will retire from Twitter coz it has only given me grief (sic)."