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Katrina does not call me papa, it's rubbish: Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor


Rishi Kapoor is known for not mincing his words and giving it to the world and media as it is. He gave us another look into his ‘no-nonsense’ way of life when he recently clarified that his son Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif might be in a relationship, but Katrina wouldn’t dare to call him papa.

“A newspaper reported that she has started calling me, ‘Papa.’ Rubbish, she wouldn’t dare to take such liberties with me. Why am I always being dragged into his (Ranbir’s) private life? I’m not the sort to duck questions. As far as I’m concerned, Katrina has been very well behaved. I worked with her in Namastey London,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, good sport Rishi also wished Ranbir’s ex Deepika Padukone on her birthday on January 5. “@deepikapadukone Read here that it’s your birthday. Well, a very joyous and a “Happy Birthday” God bless you and keep up the good work. Much love,” he tweeted.

You may remember how angry Rishi Kapoor had got when Deepika and Sonam made some really mean comments on Ranbir Kapoor on Koffee With Karan in 2010 and daddy Kapoor was all but okay about it. Deepika said that Ranbir needs to work on his ‘boyfriend’ skills and she revealed that she never said that Ranbir didn’t cheat on her. Not only Ranbir, she even dissed Katrina by saying that she wanted to see her passport. And to top everything off, she said that Ranbir should endorse a condom brand.

Rishi Kapoor was not forgiving of their behaviour. He called them a case of ‘sour grapes’, what they did only ‘shows their class’ and that she should work harder towards their careers instead of giggling and gossiping. Well, looks like finally all is well between the two.