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Richa takes on arranged marriages!

Richa Chadda


Mumbai, March 18 -- Last year, Kalki Koechlin featured in a satirical video online in the wake of increasing crimes against women in India.

Soon, Imran Khan followed suit and released another one ddiscussing homosexuality. Later, many celebrities shot videos of them taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to spread awareness about ALS. Now, Richa Chadda has joined the bandwagon. The actor recently released a video that takes on the concept of arranged marriages in India.

A source close to Richa says, "Aditi Mittal (stand-up comic), along with a digital media company, approached Richa to be part of this video. They felt that she's someone who has always been vocal on social media about relevant issues. They thought that she would give the video credibility."

The four-minute video talks about arranged marriages in the country, parental pressure to tie the knot, and how this stress could have an adverse effect on people. Ask Richa about this and she says, "The video throws light on a specific problem. As soon as a girl turns 20, the pressure to get married starts mounting. This is illogical."

She explains that a humorous take on a situation such as this will help it reach the youth and have an effect on society. "Oscar Wilde said, 'If you want to tell the truth, tell it with humour, or people will kill you.' That's why funny YouTube videos make sense to get messages across. Also, online, censorship is still limited," she says.