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Richa Chadda: For my mother!

Richa Chadda


Mumbai, June 26 -- Richa Chadda will be next seen in a film that is based on the lives of teachers. Apparently, the movie highlights the hardships they face, and it also deals with the issues related to the education system in India.

The actor, who will do a cameo in the movie, says she took up the role for her mother, who is also a teacher.

She says she could relate to the script of the film. "Both my parents are academics. My mother teaches at the Delhi University, so that was one of the reasons I felt I could be part of this film. She doesn't ask me anything about the roles I choose, but this time, she asked me more about the film, even though I am doing just a cameo," says Richa, who will play a journalist in the film.