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What Rhea Kapoor has to say about Sonam's Cannes gown

Rhea Kapoor

By Tulsi, Bollywod.com News Network

That much talked about Elie Saab gown faced way too much criticism (for all the right reasons, we feel). Trolls comparing the gown to a bird, a mop, and so much more took over Twitter and Facebook, giving everybody a good hearty laugh!

Well, Rhea Kapoor, who always styles Sonam Kapoor, finally speaks up! And here’s what she’s got to say about her sister’s famous gown.

"Are you crazy? Look, for me, it’s one of my favorite dresses ever. I fell for it the moment I saw it in Paris, and loved the lime green color. Sonam had a choice of 2-3 outfits and she immediately picked it. It reminds you of classic Hollywood glamour, like the kinds you see a Judy Garland sport in a black & white film.”

“That was the whole idea. We got all sorts of reactions- funny ones & good ones. We also got good international press and some funny press. At the end of the day, it’s a dress. It is not so serious. I just feel blessed that so many people are invested in what we do; that people actually care! I loved the dress and a lot of people appreciated the individuality. It was bold, striking & fresh- and I want to keep Sonam’s looks exciting. It was an out of the box choice. Every time you make an out of the box choice, some people will hate it & some will like it.”

“Whenever you try to do something different, people will react. When we initially focused on fashion and styling, many said, it’s so frivolous. Now everybody has a stylist! Everybody is instagramming details of what they are wearing. In today’s day & age, honestly, people don’t understand how boring it is to be perfect. Everyone has a perfect body, diet & look; and you risk becoming a clone of each other."

"I remember there was this mould of a heroine; chiffon sari, shows her navel, wears a push up bra. As a heroine, Sonam decided that she doesn’t need to be a sex pot of sorts in order to be considered beautiful, in order to be acceptable. Slowly, people started understanding that it’s valuable it is to express yourself and look & feel good. I don’t think Sonam has anything to prove any more about her fashion choices. She likes to have fun with what she is wearing."

"The idea behind our styling is that if you want to wear something that maybe considered silly but you like it, and are having fun, you shouldn't worry about what others think. I think that’s important."

Okay then.