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Rhea Chakrabarty: I used to rehearse 300 to 400 times

Rhea Chakraborty


New Delhi, Sept. 6 -- Rhea Chakraborty gives a lot of importance to rehearsals. The VJ-turned-actor, who is currently shooting for her second Bollywood film, admits that she practices her scenes hundreds of times.

"From morning till evening, we (Rhea and her co-stars) used to rehearse each and every scene of the film. We would be rehearsing one scene for almost 10-12 hours, which used to drain our energy. Honestly, there were many reputed actors, so when they used to rehearse 150 times for a scene, I used to rehearse 300 to 400 times for the same scene," says Rhea.

The 22-year-old actor, who was last seen in Mere Dad Ki Maruti, feels that she needed more practice and used to wait for her director Ramesh Sippy to come and guide her.

"I just felt I needed more practice. And even though it was tiresome, it was still fun," says Rhea.